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Do You Really Need a One-on-One Consultation?
Not everyone needs a one-on-one consultation. If your situation is very basic, or you feel absolutely sure about your nexus footprint and about how to move forward, then a consultation may not be necessary.

But if you have searched the internet far and wide seeking help, answers, and directions to your sales tax questions but ended up with 15 different answers for each question, and you’re more confused than ever, don’t feel bad. That’s how thousands of other people in your shoes have experienced. We’ve talked to so many clients that have searched everywhere for reliable information on this topic, but just haven’t felt comfortable with the information they’ve read and heard. So, if you want to drop Dr. Google and choose a firm with the experience, knowledge, and the process in the complicated world of sales tax we are here to help you. 
For your consultation, we block off an hour for you. Most consultations do not take that much time, but we block it just in case.

One thing we have learned throughout the years is that no two situations are the same. We tailor the consultation according to your needs, and want you to receive the maximum benefits, answers, and solutions to your concerns and problems. We want you to have as much information and knowledge as possible.

So, if you are ready to schedule a consultation, click on one of the links above and let’s get your questions answered and get you moving in the right direction. There are so many other valuable things you could be doing with your time than trying to find the right sales tax answers for your specific situation.

Our streamlined, no-fuss, no-muss process will help you pick a time and date that fits your schedule. Please note that our available times get booked pretty quickly and often we are booked back-to-back. That means in our consultation sessions there is usually a hard stop at the end of the hour due to the scheduling of other clients.

Common questions that we typically address in most consultations:

  • 1. What is nexus?
  • 2. Do I really have nexus?
  • 3. But, now that you know my specific situation, do I have nexus?
  • 4. If so, in what states?
  • 5. Do I need a federal EIN?
  • 6. What states should I get registered in?
  • 7. If I need to start collecting tax, what date should I start?
  • 8. Do I really have to get registered for sales tax?
  • 9. Will I get audited?
  • 10. How do I deal with sales I made in the prior years?
  • 11. What exactly will be the process for me if I decide to get registered?
  • 12. Do Amazon or Ebay or other online sales sites actually collect the tax for me? How does that process work?
  •  Do I need a US FEIN (EIN)?
  • Do I need a US bank account?
  • Will I have to pay US income taxes?
  • Why do I have to file returns with the IRS if I am taking advantage of a tax treaty?
  • What is a tax treaty?
  • How do I tell if my country has a tax treaty with the US?
The Consultation: How It Works
It’s really simple and convenient for you. We give you a link to our calendar and you simply schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient and works best for you. You’ll get a confirmation email that allows you to add the appointment to your own calendar and a reminder as the appointment draws closer. A conference call number is provided so others in your organization and team such as partners, your CPA, or bookkeeper can also join the consultation with you.
When You Need Help, Experience Matters
When it comes to state and local tax issues, we’ve seen them all. Since 1992, Peisner Johnson has collaborated with other CPA, accounting, and business advisory firms to consult with hundreds of businesses in various industries on state and local tax matters. Based on our many years of experience, we can usually provide the answers you need in a single, cost-effective consultation. We do more than one-time consultations. We also provide many services for our clients, which include: state tax registration, state tax filing, audit defense, refund reviews, and much more.

We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to sales tax. If you have any questions, they might have already been answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page! If you still have a question that we haven’t answered there, go to the bottom of the Frequently Asked Questions page and ask your question in the comment section. Someone will be sure to answer it as soon as possible.
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