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So You Want to Get Registered
If you know you have nexus AND you know what states you need to get registered in, then you've come to the right place. 

The choice of where to actually get registered is entirely up to you, but we can help you decide where it makes sense.  There is so much conflicting information out there on what is actually required in each state. So our registration process begins with a FREE, no-obligation initial consultation. This brief consultation (we call it a Result Accelerator Call) will get you off to the right start and could save you thousands of dollars and hours and hours of searching.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you really don't need to worry about getting registered in many states, after all.
FBA Sellers Read This:

As of this moment, Amazon FBA sellers have reported either shipping inventory to, having inventory stored in or having Amazon act as an agent in more than 26 different jurisdictions. As a result of these activities, Amazon FBA sellers would be deemed to have sales tax nexus in those states at least. Plus other states are now saying that you could have "economic" nexus in their state, even without inventory.

Having "nexus" means a state can require you to register and collect sales tax in their state. However, just having nexus does not mean you should automatically just get registered in those states right this moment, but you should consider it, depending on your volume of sales in those states. 

If your sales volume warrants it, (check out this video about materiality) you may want to get registered to collect tax in all the FBA states and then set up your Amazon seller's dashboard to collect it as soon as possible. Larger Amazon FBA sellers usually choose to register in all the states, just to get it all taken care of now.
CAVEAT: If you've been doing business in those states for periods in the past, you should be very careful to assess potential back tax exposure before deciding to get registered. Don't get slammed by what we call the Biggest Tragedy in Sales Tax. (See the video here.) We can help you evaluate all of that in our FREE initial consultation.

Registration pricing is as low as $97 per jurisdiction depending on the number of jurisdictions. 
Not Sure Exactly Where to Register? 
We Have Some Recommendations
You may be wondering whether it makes sense to register in all the states -- many times we do not recommend this for our clients. The good sign is that you're not ignoring the situation. Some people choose to just ignore it (see this video). But if you have any questions about whether it makes more sense to do this in a phased approach, or whether you have nexus at all, or similar questions, then we invite you to schedule a FREE initial consultation!

Also, you may have been selling for prior year(s) and need some advice on how to handle prior periods. We can help you with this. This initial consultation could save you a lot of money in setup and on-going compliance costs.


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